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Barnes and Noble Online 
being investigated for
periodically refusing to honor its gift cards.

While what is to follow is so outrageous that one might assume it is a joke, 
unfortunately this is fact and not fiction.


In a bold move, Barnes and Noble online has selectively refused to honor gift cards.  While acknowledging the practice, a customer service supervisor refused to offer any explanation. Irate consumers are currently forming a class action suit against the company. According to a Barnes and Noble source, the computer data base system has selected certain Barnes and Noble Member accounts, as well as non-members to be restricted from use of gift cards. 

Also, Barnes and Noble has refused to offer refunds to members who wish to cancel their memberships when they are not being honored online.

In at least one case, a member was not only denied his purchase, but Barnes and Noble also charged his gift card, and then refused to refund his card. After an extensive discussion with a supervisor the customer's gift card was reinstated, but Barnes and Noble online continued to refuse to honor the card.

Barnes and Noble is currently being investigated and being asked to provide a rationale for its refusal to honor its own online purchases and gift cards. To date, the company representatives have had nothing to say except, "No Comment."

The Federal Trade Commission and consumer agencies such as Better Business Bureau are expected to open investigations into Barnes and Noble online practices.

More details to follow.

If you have any additional information on the Barnes and Noble gift card practices or you have been denied used of your card you are welcome to contact us. Also, if you are not a victim of this Barnes and Noble scam but have information about their practices please contact us by email: