Definitions of Humor

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Can you identify the following Halloween Candy Treats



  1. A famous swashbuckling trio of old.
  1. Indian burial grounds
  1. Galaxy
  1. What bees make
  1. Round flotation device
  1. Twin letters
  1. Red Planet
  1. Not laughing out loud
  1. Can’t hold on to anything
  1. A famous author
  1. Famous former baseball player
  1. Famous New York Street
  1. A sweet sign of affection
  1. A favorite day of working people
  1. Nut happiness
  1. Pleasantly plumb
  1. Two female pronouns
  1. A feline
  1. Single women look for him
  1. Sun explosion
  1. Bite with a crunch noise
  1. Dry cow
  1. Children of the cane
  1. A lottery amount
  1. Lactic flops
  1. Determines who wins the game
  1. Home of movie stars
  1. Superman’s favorite hangout


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