Definitions of Humor

Warning: Humor May be Dangerous to Your Illness

This page is designed to let you know what's coming in the future for this web site.

Future joke pages will include:

Dumb behavior Jokes and stories including Darwin Awards, Blonde Jokes, and more

Jokes from an array of professions including medical jokes, psychotherapy jokes, engineering jokes, etc.

We will be opening a series of jokes in a variety of categories including humor involving education, lightbulbs, chickens, animals, computers, religion, etc.

We will be preparing a more extensive bibliography and adding more and more articles and links to articles on the web

We plan to report brief synopses of research studies.

We will be adding a health page with brief health tips and research reports.

We will be adding a weekly option to have the Joke of the Week and Quote of the Week mailed directly to you.

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