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2012 Doug Fletcher LIfetime Achievement Award Winner

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Past President of the Association for Applied and Therapeutic Humor
(formerly the American Association for Therapeutic Humor)

Warning: Humor May be Dangerous to Your Illness

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This website is dedicated to the Power and Practice of Positive Therapeutic Humor i.e. Humor and its relation to Health and Healing. The Goal is to educate, inform, and help you network and locate resources for therapeutic humor to learn how to live a longer healthier life through laughter.

Ways to increase humor in your life:

1. Seek humor daily - Read a joke, cartoon, comic strip, listen to a comedian tape, watch a sitcom, etc.

2. Look to the humor around you - See the world through Humor Eyes.  For example consider the Freeway sign north of the San Diego Airport that reads, "Cruise Ships: Use Airport Exit."

3. Carry a toy or prop - For example, I carry a clown nose with me everywhere I go. My drivers license has me with my nose. At airports, ticket agents always smile at my ID. My watch runs backwards. You should see the smiles when I show it to others asking for the time. My car is equipped with bubbles which pass the time as I wait in a fast food drive through.

4. Subscribe to a joke service - The internet is filled with these.

5. Share (in person, if possible) a favorite funny daily with a favorite fried. - This will help keep you connected!

Humor Matters™

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